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Rabbit hutch

For my daughters 7th birthday I put together a Rabbit hutch. There are quite a few designs online, so I selected the features I liked the best and designed my own.

A rabbit needs at least a 24″ by 48″ cage, that is high enough so their ears do not touch the top when they stand on rears. There should be a door that can be opened so they they can come and go as the please (you just can’t keep them caged all the time). They need a private, dark space.

What I put together, is all that and it has an extra door on top (think cleaning), removable litter pan and you can build it your self.

Follow the link to see how it was done.

Cattle Panel Greenhouse

I built a green house for my wife’s birthday. It didn’t cost a lot and it looks awesome. Here are some Pictures. It is built using 2×4 lumber and cattle panels. The 2x4s make a base and the cattle panels form the roof. The whole thing is covered with plastic. The door is made with an old storm window we had. There are handles that extend out at the base, so it can be moved. To build it, I first made the wood frame, then anchored the cattle panels. To bend the cattle panels while I anchored them to the base, I tied rope between the ends and tightened it until they were just right, then nailed the cattle panel in place. Once the panels were anchored, I built the rear brace, then the door and door frame. I added the beam across the top for stability then anchored the cattle panel to the top beam.

Click here to go directly to the project.