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Whether you celebrate Easter or Ostara, this is the time of year for eggs. Our hens have been working overtime to keep up. We have 26 hens and get about 16 to 18 eggs per day (over the winter, they only produced 6 to 8). This basket is one days worth.

We have 4 araucana, 3 barred rock, 1 comet and 2 mixed breed. The rest are buff orpington. The araucana produce blue to blue-breen eggs, the mixed breed hens produce blue-gray eggs and rest produce various shades of brown. You can see from the basket that there is quite a bit of variety.

Chicken fencing

When we fenced in the chickens, we used 4 foot tall poultry fence. It didn’t take the chickens long to discover that they could fly over.

To solve that problem, we cut 3/4 inch boards and connected them to the metal fence posts with zip ties and attached 7 foot tall deer fence with more zip ties.

This is a cheap solution that was easy to install, but it doesn’t over winter very well. When the snow is the heavy wet stuff, it tends to bring the deer fence down.

Here are some photos of this years repairs.