Mini sawbuck plans

This mini sawbuck is very portable and is very easy to make. Closed, it is 18″ by 18″. It can be made from a 6 foot 2×4 and a 3 foot 1×6.


  • (4) 18″ 2×4 (one 6 foot 2×4 will do the job)
  • (1) 18″ 1×6 (one 3 foot long 1×6 is enough for both boards)
  • (1) 15″ 1×6
  • (2) 3 1/8″ lengths of 1 1/4″ dowel
  • 12 wood screws
  • wood glue


  • Saw. Band saw, circular saw or hand saw.
  • drill
  • 1 1/4 drill bit.
  • screwdriver
Here are the wood parts. The cool thing about this project is that no sanding is needed! Just cut and assemble. You could make this saw buck out of parts from a pallet or shop scraps.
I drilled 6 pilot holes in each side board. The holes are 3/4″ from the edge, 3 on each edge. There are a few extra holes in these boards because I was reusing scrap wood.
1 1/4″ holes were drilled in each 2×4, 6 3/4″ from one side. In the lower photo, the dowel is being test fitted. These holes should be as straight as you can, a drill press really helps.

Gluing the dowel in place. I applied glue into the hole, glue to the dowel, then more in the hole. After I inserted the dowel in the holes, I used a damp cloth to clean up the excess, then let it dry overnight. Note the plastic on the bench, I used a lot of glue.

Once the glue is dry, slide the 2x4s with holes onto the 2x4s with a dowel glued in.

IMPORTANT: Orient the both 2×4 pairs so that both of the dowel are farther away from you (top) AND both 2×4 that have a dowel glued into them are either on the INSIDE or OUTSIDE, otherwise the sawbuck will fall apart.

Attach one side board with wood screws. The board is 8 5/8″ from the top.

Attach the other side board. It is also 8 5/8″ from the top. It’s OK if this board overlaps the outside 2×4.

This mini sawbuck has been field tested and it’s fantastic, although next time I may use a hard wood for the 1x6s, since this sawbuck is lower to the ground, it gets “bitten” bit the saw a little more.

If you are looking for plans for a larger sawbuck, click here.

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