Home made oil and beeswax finish.


  • 8 oz. linseed oil. Make sure to read the label thoroughly. Some oils are chemically treated, do NOT get these. Make sure your oil has zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)s.
  • 1 oz beeswax. I was able to purchase this at my local health food store. Another source is Dadant and sons.
Use a wide-mouth 12 oz. canning jar. I marked it at 8 oz and 9 oz, using a permanent marker. I then added the boiled linseed oil into the jar, to the 8 oz mark. The beeswax was then shaved off of a 1 lb. block. The shavings were added until the mixture reached the 9 oz mark.

*DO NOT USE boiled Linseed oil like in this photo.  I used it, but later found out that it contains heavy-metal dryers (Cobalt)

The mixture was then placed into a pot of water. The water was heated on medium on the electric stove until beeswax melted. I stirred the mixture while heating, using a bamboo skewer. The oil probably off gasses while heating, so I wouldn’t do this on a gas stove. Do not directly heat the oil / beeswax mixture. Only heat in water.
Once the beeswax melts, the mixture was allowed to cool.

Once cool, the finish can be used. See Finishes for tips on applying.

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