DIY R-Strap style Professional Photographer Shoulder Strap. An R-Strap is a shoulder strap designed for professional photographers. It attaches to the tripod mount of your camera and the camera hangs upside down, but when you pick up the camera, the strap hangs below, out of the way.
Hand water pump installation.
Home made hickory snath (scythe handle)
Mini sawbuckMini sawbuck plans. This mini sawbuck is very portable and is very easy to make. Closed, it is 18″ by 18″. It can be made from a 6 foot 2×4 and a 3 foot 1×6.

These Play Stools are very versatile. Not only are they handy for reaching high shelves, they can be used for sitting on, trains, boats and tables and chairs for doll.


This Waldorf inspired playstand provide hours of creative play as children use them as grocery stores, puppet theaters, a post office or as work benches. It is very easy to make.

The Sand and Water Table is a mainstay of preschools and daycare centers. Sand and Water tables (also called texture tables) provide hours of play. They can be filed with sand, water, beans, peas, rice or just about anything. Provide scoops and other tools to complete the set.
180px-sawbuck-complete.JPGThis SawBuck is very useful for holding wood that is being cut by a chainsaw. It makes it much easier for one person to work.
Two cattle panels (available at your local farm supply outlet), some 2x4s, an old storm window and some hardware are all that was needed to build this Cattle Panel Greenhouse.
This simple shoe shelf is 32 inches tall and 5 feet 1 1/2 inches wide. The dimensions could be altered to fit just about any space.
Horse shelf. This is a very simple project. The project page includes horse head pattern.
CD Player holder for the Car.  Holds CD player and provides easy access to buttons and controls.  Easy, afternoon project.
Road bicycle to mountain bike conversion. The handlebars and brake levers are replaced in this project.
Home made beeswax and oil finish.
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