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Feed the Baby, LLC

This website is for my wife, Laura Spitzfaden. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and is providing services in Lansing Michigan and surrounding communities. My son created the artwork out of tissue paper, scanned it in and specified the website layout.

Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan

WordPress was used with a customized theme to match existing branding and to allow the administrative staff to make updates. DagonDesign Secure Form Mailer plugin was used to allow businesses the ability to upload advertising materials. Plugins All in one SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps, along with appropriate keywords and page titles, were used to raise website rankings.



Commercial property development company wanted a website which to used the same colors, fonts and styles as their printed brochure, the ability to update it themselves, along with the ability to post photos of ongoing projects.

The site was built using WordPress with a custom theme to match existing branding and to allow the administrative staff to make updates. Gallery photo album was integrated to allow the client to post photos of ongoing projects.



Client supplied graphics, logo, images and requested specific colors. The site was build using server side includes and CSS. It is not client editable, but loads very fast.



Commercial property management company wanted a constantly changing website with an events list. The only design requirements were blue tones, to match existing branding.

WordPress and a ready-made theme were used, along with an event list plug-in, allowing client to update the website and event list with ease, while keeping development costs to a minimum.



Hospitality establishment wanted a simple website up FAST. WordPress was used with a ready-made template. Complete project, from hosting setup, WordPress install, template install and customization and adding content took only 4.5 hours.

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