My name is Eric Spitzfaden. I’m married, have 3 children and live on a few acres of land. Over the years, I have built furniture and toys, repaired appliances, repaired houses, brewed beer and mead, raised chickens and generally worked towards sustainable living.

While I do not have a degree in computers, engineering, woodworking or anything, I do believe that I can make just about anything I need. On the pages of EricsProjects.com, I will share what I have learned. Click on the tags, categories or projects to go to some of my pages. On many of the pages you will find complete, free plans and instructions.

Contact me directly: eric@ericsprojects.com.

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A computer geek with a taste for sustainable living, organic food, green products, buying local, woodworking, bicycling, running, yoga, recycling and doing-it-yourself.