Recycling day

When I first started recycling, I was surprised at how much I could recycle.

We have great recycling in my community and I recycle everything I can. I recycle cardboard, boxboard, office paper, news paper and shiny paper, clear #1 plastic (PETE) #2 (HDPE), #6 (styrofoam), #5 plastic and #7 plastic (Other). They also take clear glass, cans and aluminum and batteries.

Most of the cardboard I recycle, the average consumer wouldn’t see. We order our groceries monthly and we order by the case. My wife also has a produce club. Every 3 weeks she orders a truckload of fresh, organic produce. She then divides it up with other local families. I end up with most of my cardboard from our groceries.

At work, we recycle paper, but not boxes, so if there are any boxes, I bring them home.

About every 2 months, I can fill up my van, with the back seat out. When I fill up the back of the van, I start loading the passenger seats. When I’m done loading, there is only room for the driver and helper or two, nothing more.

This load could have ended up in a landfill, but it didn’t. Recycling is like putting money in a savings account. When you are doing it, it doesn’t seem like that much, but then you check the balance and “Wow, look at that”.

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