Over the shoulder flashlight holder

Whenever I go out at night to check on the chickens, or collect some wood, I always have trouble holding my flashlight and getting the job done. I thought about buying one of the flashlights on a headband, but since they use 3 AAA batteries, I wouldn’t expect it to last long.

This is my solution, the over the shoulder flashlight holder. I put it together using hose clamps, D rings and the shoulder strap from a laptop bag.

The hose clamps I picked up at the local hardware store. They are just big enough for the flashlight. The D rings were in a 4 pack at the fabric store. The shoulder strap is from the laptop bag that I attached to my bike

This is another flashlight holder. The flashlight already had a loop on it. I sewed on a loop of nylon webbing and attached a carabiner clip. It hangs down from a belt loop, light saber style. The nylon is long enough so that I can hold the flashlight in my hand or tuck it under my arm if I need to. Since it points to the ground, it doesn’t disturb the chickens as much.

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