Green heat and white snow

Fallen tree 2006As we are heating more and more with wood I have often wondered if it really makes sense. Am I really using less fuel or am I just fooling myself?

I have to burn gas to run the chain saw and we use electricity to run fans to blow the heat around the house.

Also, I have always felt bad about the idea of cutting down trees.

What I am finding, is that 2 gallons of gas will last an entire winter, however, my last fuel-oil fill up was 127 gallons. Without the wood heat, I would use that much fuel-oil a month and a half.

The furnace has a fan, so I use electricity with wood or fuel-oil, it makes no difference.

As for cutting down trees, nature is providing for me. Since we moved in in 2002, I have had more than enough fallen wood to cut and burn. The harder the winter, the more wood falls. It’s as if nature wants me to stay warm.

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