Wood heat

Wood StoveWhen we purchased our home in 2002, it came with a wood stove. Not a small one either, a massive hunk of iron, nearly 100 years old that had cooked countless meals.

Our first year in the house, we used it off and on, more for entertainment than real heat. We even cooked a few meals on it, to prove we could. We didn’t know how to adjust the air vents on the stove adjusted properly. We had them wide open, including the flue and went through wood at an amazing rate. I didn’t understand how people could heat their homes with wood. They would have to spend all day sawing and splitting wood.

From a family member that heats with wood, we learned to slow down the fire by closing the air vents and the flue vent. We have the flue vent at a 45degree angle, and the air vents nearly closed. By adjusting the vents on the stove and running fans to blow the heat around the house, we are able to keep the house at a reasonable temperature.

Now, if I saw wood on the weekend, and split wood some evenings, I can keep up with our needs.

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