Headphones not working in Linux

I’ve tried to run Linux off and on over the years. It’s a kind of geek merit badge, you aren’t a true geek until you can do all of your work in Linux. During my most current trial, I was having trouble with the sound. It worked until I plugged in my headphones and the headphones worked when the machine booted Windows.

screenshot-volume-control-hda-intel-alsa-mixerNow, the Ubuntu forums have a Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide and this Google search shows that it’s a fairly common problem.

I tried all the solutions, including bringing up a terminal and typing all kinds of sudo vodo, but to no avail.

The solution was so simple. Double clicking on the speaker icon, the one near the clock brought up a volume control panel. There is a separate volume control for headphones. They were muted by default.

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