Road bicycle to mountain bike conversion

OriginalI was given a bicycle from the local free cycle network. I decided to convert it to a mountain bike style riding position, because it is easier for me to ride that way.

PartsI purchased a new handlebar, an adjustable stem, handle grips and brake cables. I already had the brake handles.

Front brakesVice grips are great holding the brakes together while taking off the brake cable. Loosen up the bolt that holds the cable and remove the cable.

Rear brakesThe rear brakes come apart the same as the front.

Remove handlebarsThe complete stem, handle bars and brake handles are removed. Loosen the center bolt of the stem and tap with a hammer to remove.

New stemInstall the new stem.

Handlebar and brakesInstall the new handlebar and brakes.

Brake cablesInstall the brake cables. Mountain bike brakes take a different kind of end on the cable than the original brakes. The cables I purchased were universal and had one of each kind. Just cut off the end you don’t need. Install the cables. Use the vicegrips to hold the brakes in while the cable is attached.


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