Simple but oh-so-useful.

Years ago, my wife told me about organizing tools by job in a tool-tote, rather than grouping similar tools together.

All the tools for plumbing in one tote, etc. At the time, I couldn’t understand it. I mean a hammer is a hammer, right?

Well, these days I’m always screwing something up (to the wall that is), so I put together a tool-tote for just that type of job. I have the power driver screws in the large compartment, drill bits and driver bits in another and, “what I am screwing up” goes in the third. The cordless drill even fits in. When I need to screw something up, I just grab the tote and off I go.

I have another tool tote-that I load up with whatever I think I need for a job. When roofing, in goes the hammer, utility knife, stapler and staples. When fixing the chicken fence I load up the cable-ties and utility knife.

So, to my wife: Thanks!

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