Who is smarter? Chickens or humans…

They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and learn a new one.

We moved the chicken house out of the wood shed and into the yard. We needed to clean out all the straw that was added over the winter. We also wanted to use the chicken house to kill grass in the garden, so we didn’t have to turn it over by hand.

Well, the first day, they all went into the wood shed and tried to find the roosts. They climbed into the nesting boxes and wandered around. Are they over here? Nope, How about over there? Nope. Maybe Over there. Nope…

We had to carry them, one by one, to the chicken house and put them on the roosts.

The second night we closed the door to the wood shed. We had to carry out a few hens and chase out the others. They still couldn’t figure out where to go.

Again we carried the hens.

The third night, it was raining and they all tried to get as close as possible to the door, but couldn’t figure out how to get in.

My wife and I were beginning to wonder how many nights it was going to take.

The forth night, while it was still light enough, I carried the roosters in and the hens followed.

By the fith night, they figured it out.

So, it takes humans 21 days to break an old habbit and learn a new one, the chickens only took 5. Which is smarter?

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