Lotus Notes from a TrueCrypt volume on a USB disk

Starting with version 7.0.2, IBM developed an installation method for Lotus Notes they call NOMAD. See the IBM developerWorks document here.

I tried it and it works, even within a TrueCrypt volume on a USB disk. It’s not a PortableApps package, but it is usable.

NOMAD will take 350 to 500meg of disk space.  To install NOMAD, you will have to open a command prompt window and go into the folder where you expanded the Lotus Notes client, c1652en for version 7.0.3. Type the following command:

setup /a /v"NOMAD=1 TARGETDIR=F:\ /qb+"


  • This will overwrite the AUTORUN.INF on your USB or in your TrueCrypt volume, so make a backup copy before starting!
  • F:\ is the drive letter to install to. This will need to be consistent because NOMAD will expect to run from this drive letter every time.
  • Type the command as-is (other than changing the drive letter) and don’t forget any “.

This will create the following files and folders on your USB:

  • AUTORUN.INI (contains reference to drive letter, if you need to change it after running setup)
  • Lotus Notes 7.0.3.msi
  • program files folder
  • system32 folder

To launch Lotus Notes, double click on the AUTORUN.EXE.  AUTORUN will then perform a “mini-install” and copy the appropriate files to your hard drive, create a shortcut on your desktop then Launch the Notes client.

Exiting Notes will NOT remove the Notes Client files.  Make sure you right-click (from Explorer) on the USB drive Icon and select “Eject”.  This will perform the “mini-uninstall”, then allow you to remove the USB drive.  If you are running from a TrueCrypt volume, dismounting the TrueCrypt volume will trigger the same events.

Chris Whisonant provides some additional information, along with some tips on what to delete after running setup, to free up some disk space.

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