Autorun Truecrypt 5 on a USB drive using Traveler Disk Setup

Earlier, I posted a HowTo on using Autorun TrueCrypt from a USB drive. I recently upgraded to version 5.1a.  Here is how to accomplish the same thing, using the built in “Travler Disk Setup” in TrueCrypt.

I suggest you read the 7 Applications I carry on my TrueCrypt USB drive, to help you decide what goes into your encrypted volume and what stays out.

The current version of TrueCrypt is 5.1a.  There are many bug fixes!  Make sure you are using the most current code.  Get a fresh copy here.

Follow the instructions and install TrueCrypt to your system.  We are then going to create the volume and finally, use the Traveler Disk Setup to install TrueCrypt to the USB and have it create the AUTORUN.INF.

Run TrueCrypt and from the menu pick File -> Create New Volume. Select Create a file container, next, Create a Standard Volume, next and use the select file button to select your USB drive, make a folder called TrueCrypt, select it, then type in a filename of your choice (hint:, next, select your encryption algorithm (hint: take the defaults), next, select the size. You can use almost the entire USB drive. You will need about 1.5 meg for the TrueCrypt programs. On a 2 gig USB drive, I left 500meg for anti-virus, anti-spyware and repair programs, so I can check out a machine before I open my encrypted volume.

travelerdisk.pngWhen TrueCrypt is done creating the volume, go back and complete the Traveler Disk Setup. From the TrueCrypt menu, pick Tools -> Traveler Disk Setup. Use the first Browse button to navigate to the root directory of your USB drive. Uncheck the “Include TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard”, Click the Auto-mount TrueCrypt volume, use the lower Browse button to navigate to your file (TrueCrypt\ I suggest checking the “Open Explorer window for mounted volume”. Click “Create”. TrueCrypt should pop up a windows telling you that it was successful. Then click Close. You will have to eject the USB drive then reinsert to test it.

For more information on Traveler Mode, see the TrueCrypt documentation.

Microsoft Developer network (MSDN) has an article, which covers all the options in a AUTORUN.INF file and DailyCupofTech an article AUTORUN.INF Tweaking.

A number of people (including me) have had trouble with Autorun NOT working. First, make sure you have the latest patches and drivers.

Then, go into the registry with REGEDIT (Start->Run->RegEdit)

Look at this information:


If this is 0 (Zero) set it to 1 (One)

Then check (Windows 95 through XP, not Vista)


If this is 95 (0x5F hex) set it to 91 (0x5B hex)

For details on the above information, check out document, KB 330135. It details things to try when AUTORUN or AUTOPLAY do not work and document, KB 136214 which details the second registry edit.

Microsoft has more hits than I can catalog when searching for AUTOPLAY at

I did have a machine that never ran my AUTORUN file. I eventually made it into a print server…

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