The price of eating healty

The NY Times has an article titled A High Price for Healthy Food, where the author reviews a University of Washington study that compares the prices of 370 foods sold at supermarkets in the Seattle area.For the study, the scientists compared the price of a calorie of junk food to a calorie of healthier food.  They found the prices to differ significantly, averaging $1.76 for 1,000 calories of junk food, compared to $18.16 for 1,000 calories of nutritious food.

The study also showed that the price of junk foods were more likely to remain stable, while the prices of healthy foods increased 19.5% over a two year period

Matt Mayer of GroovyGreen offers some advice to offset these costs in Let them eat cake!,

His advice:  Shop local farmers markets, grow your own,  buy in bulk and join local buying clubs.

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