Tie down your cattle panel green house or chicken house

Chicken day houseWe built a house for the chickens a few years ago, similar to the cattle panel hoop house, except it was covered with tarps instead of clear plastic. Here in Michigan it doesn’t provide enough protection for a year round coop, but we let the chickens use it during the warmer months as a day house. They love the shade.

This winter, strong winds blew it over the fence and into the pond. Fortunately, the pond was frozen. Unfortunately, it was not frozen enough for us to go onto it.

The pond melted enough for the house to sink a few inches, then freeze again. Over a period of a few weeks, it did this a number of times. It didn’t look like it was coming out until spring.

Once the pond melted, it took three people to drag it out. It didn’t smell very good after that.

If you build cattle panel hoop house or chicken house, and live in a windy area, I suggest you use some strong ropes and tie it down.

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