Doing more with less

So far, I’ve been able to keep my in-box empty, desk clean and projects organized. I’ve found that without all the junk on my desk distracting me, I am able to find what I am supposed to be doing much easier. Just yesterday, right there under my desk, I found a dead UPS that I was supposed to order replacement batteries for.It’s kinda funny too because when I first started cleaning my desk, one of my office mates asked if I was bored. I can understand how he got that. I spent about three days sorting out the desk drawer, CDs and files, while doing other things. Even the boss noticed. His comment was “hey, Eric doesn’t have any work to do.” Hardly, I’ve taken more items off my to-do list recently than I have in a long time, but without all the clutter on my desk, it does look like I don’t have anything to do. In reality, I just don’t have anything in the way of what I want to work on.

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