A skunk in the chicken house

Chickens and skunks do not mix well. Not too long ago, I was surprised to find a skunk in the chicken house. It was after dark and I had my flashlight and just as I shone it into the chicken house, there he was, nosing around, looking for something to eat.

I tossed a few pieces of wood at it, and after getting hit a few times, it decided to leave. I kept the light on it, hoping that it wouldn’t be able to see me. My plan worked. I tried to follow it, to see where it was getting through the fence, but I didn’t want to get to close. I don’t really know much about skunks, and after smelling a few, I decided that there were some things I didn’t want to learn first hand. It got away from me.

The next day, I found a few places in the fence where something had been going in and out. The path was quite well worn and I and wondered how long this had been going on. I located a few wooden stakes in the wood shed and drove them through the fence and into the ground. I haven’t seen the skunk since.

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