Zenhabits.net propelled me forward on my quest to simplify my life with this article Simple Living Simplified: 10 Things You Can Do Today to Simplify Your Life.

The first steps I took were to empty out my IN box. The only things in my inbox are individual project folders. Everything else is recycled, delegated or done.

I also cleaned off my desk. All old software CD went into the trash. Some CDs that I was saving for the Serial # were packed in a box in the storage room. Stapler, tape, paperclips, and pens all went into a drawer.

I’ve also begun working on sorting and organizing other drawers.

The amazing part is just how much I was able to just get rid of. There is that much less to do!

The RSS feeds were cut down to essentials. I went from over 30 feeds to 11 and one happens to be my own! The interesting thing about the RSS feeds was that most of them I scanned through, looking for something interesting to read and later. Now, I have so few, I am able to read them all right away.

Of course, with all the distractions gone, the only things left to do are work or play. Choices, choices….

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