WordPress 2.2.1 and Firefox spell check.

This site is run on WordPress and yesterday I updated to 2.2.1. If you are using WordPress, I highly recommend upgrading because the FireFox spell check works when creating a post. If you are not using WordPress, you can skip this post…
Version 2.0 has a “visual” mode, where “What You See is What You Get” (including spelling errors) and a code mode that showed the HTML code. If you switched to “Code” mode, the FireFox spell check worked, but not the visual mode. Creating links in “Code” mode did not offer the option of “Open in new window”, which I always use. I was constantly switching between modes.

When I updated to 2.2.1, things worked a little smoother and felt more integrated, but when I went to make my first post, I immediately notices the little red swiggles under my misspellings and realized I was still in “Visual” mode!

That alone was worth the whole “Download, backup, deactivate plugins, delete old files, copy new files, activate plugins” thing.


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