Water bottles

Treehugger.com has a post Time to Pack In the Polycarbonates which links Polycarbonate water bottles with possible exposure to Bisphenol A (an estrogen-like chemical).

I’ve used swing-top glass as water bottles for a number of years. I have them on hand because I’m a home brewer. You do have to be more careful with the glass, but in over 8 years, I haven’t broken one yet.

My favorite is this one, which right now has cherry mead…

A little bit of searching and specialtybottle.com has some nice 8oz bottles, that can be ordered in singles.I have brown, 1 liter and 1/2 liter bottles that I use. BrewOrganic.com sells cases of the 1 liter. (scroll down to find).

There are stainless steel bottles on the market (which the glass-breakers of my family use). You can find them online if you search for “stainless steel water bottle”.

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