Grapes are changing color..

Early this morning I noticed that grapes are starting to change color.

I have not been happy with the results of my pruning. I tried to follow the advice in From vines to wines and prune them down to only one bud on the shorter vines. The weather has been so dry; all the leaves fell off.

I was prepared to give up on the vines that lost their leaves. To my surprise, new vines sprouted from the ground and grew taller than the last three years’ growth.

On two of the larger plants, I let four canes grow, again as advised by the book From vines to wines. I had expected those canes to bear fruit next year. I instead, they produced fruit this year.

The Japanese beetles returned about three weeks ago. Almost everyday I go out to the grapes with a bowl of water and knock the beetles into the water. I then take them to the chickens. The chickens think that the beetles are quite the treat.I tasted one of the ripening grapes.

The flavor exploded into my mouth. It was still quite tart and quite sweet. That one taste made it all worth it…

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