Organic Tomatoes Have More Flavinoid Compounds author John Laumer links to an article on which states “Organic fruit and vegetables really are better for your heart”

From the article:

“A ten-year study comparing organic tomatoes with standard produce found that they had almost double the quantity of antioxidants called flavonoids [structural diagrams pictured] which help to prevent high blood pressure and thus reduce the likelihood of heart disease and strokes.”

“She found that levels of quercetin and kaempferol, both flavonoids, were on average 79 and 97 per cent higher, respectively, in organic tomatoes. Her findings are due to be published in full in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.”

“The team believes that the different levels of flavonoids in tomatoes are due to the absence of fertilisers in organic farming.”

Full publication of the original study viewable here. Thanks to for making me aware of this study. Original article here.

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