Slowing down

While we haven’t hit the big harvest in the garden, things are already slowing down in the chicken yard. The hens were averaging 18 eggs per day, now they are below 12.

I’m not too supprised. The sun is rising a little bit later each day and the temperature is in the 70s. With the cooler weather, the hens have started to molt. When there is less sun and when they molt, they do not lay as many eggs.

The temperature was rather dramatic. It dropped about 20 degrees in the course of a few days, and stayed that way. I think they are all chickens are molting at once. There were so many feathers on the ground that I had to rush into the hen house and count the birds. I feared that a hungry hawk or ravenous raccoon had taken one. 25. I had them all.

Between the garden and the chickens, I feel more connected with the changing seasons and what is going on outside. It’s the perfect antidote to spending a day in a cubicle…

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