Cellphone case first aid kit

For a travel first aid kit, I carry a few items in a small zipper-close bag. I find that the bag keeps the items dry and allows me to store the kit in various places. I have a pocket for small items in my backpack that it normally is stored in, so it is easy to find.

I recently discovered a cellphone case makes an excellent carrying case for my first aid kit. It came with a laptop case that I ordered for work. I can clip it to my belt when I go for a bike ride, or a walk in the woods.

Items in my kit are: 6 or so Small bandages, 2 large bandages, alcohol wipes, iodine wipes (antiseptic), pocket soap strips, tweezers & needle, Miracle salve. I usually carry a pocket knife and have a small knife/scissors on my keychain, so they are not needed in my first aid kit.

The alcohol & iodine can be used to clean tools (knives and needles). The Miracle salve is an herbal salve with enough herbals that it can be used on cuts and scrapes as an antiseptic and healing agent. The rest of the items should be self explanatory.

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