Goodwill Bicycle luggage

I’ve always wanted bicycle luggage. The kind that you can load up with lots of gear for a long trip.

When I was at Goodwill, found a shaving travel kit for $2.00. I bought it because I have a thing about travel bags and just couldn’t pass up the deal.

The shaving kit was just the right size to attach to the top of my luggage rack. I strapped it down with three zipties. It worked great.

Later, I noticed a small laptop case I had. It had been part of my bag collection for years and never really found right use. With a few more zipties I had a bag for the side. The last bag arrived today. My wife found a Targus laptop bag at a garage sale for a $1.00. How could I resist. Now this bag was large enough that I didn’t want to attach it with zipties. I wanted it to be removable. I was able to wind the shoulder strap around the luggage rack so that it held the bag in place, and left the clips available, so the bag could be removed.

A complete set of bags for $3.00.

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