HD-DVD decryption keys in the news

There are posts on it at Zedomax, Digg.com and The Edge of I-Hacked. Click here to Google it…

I have read that Toshiba has sent a “cease and desist” letter to people posting the key on the web. I’ve tried to verify that information, but can’t actually find the pages, only links to pages that should be there.

This all reminds me of when 2600 Magazine linked to the program to decode DVDs. The U.S. courts ruled that 2600 couldn’t link to the actual program and couldn’t post the actual program. Shortly later, websites popped up that gave the information, without actually giving away a program that would do it. 42 ways to distribute DeCSS was my favourite website. They had it in the comments of a GIF, in the web page comments, written in a programming language that didn’t exist and even a DeCSS T-Shirt. I still wear mine.

What is ironic here is that this code is actually on HD-DVDs, so it’s can’t be a secret. It’s like using a hide-a-key for your car, having someone posting that fact on the web and then trying to get them to stop posting. Once the information is out there, it takes on a life of it’s own.

Information is dead, long live information.

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