Autorun a personal Wiki from a USB drive

Last week, Lifehacker listed EverNote as the download of the day. EverNote reminds me of the Newton interface, often described as an endless roll of toilet paper. Some of the drawing tools were similar also. I was really excited with the possibilits, but was not going to pay for the Pro version, just so I could sync to a USB drive and carry my database with me.

I did a little bit of looking around and found this: TiddlyWiki a self contained wiki. It’s a wiki website and the software to edit the website, all stored neatly in ONE file.

I can use this to build a database of interesting stuff. It’s like having Google Notebook in your pocket.

To make it even easier to use, I built an autorun.inf file on the USB drive, to open the TiddlyWiki everytime I inserted the USB drive.

First, I saved an empty TiddlyWiki to my USB drive as AllMyNotes.HTA. I saved it as an HTA rather than an HTML due to the way XP service pack 2 handles HTML files vs HTA. As an HTA, AllMyNotes opens in an explorer window without the usual IE controls, giving lots more screen space. Next I found an icon file I liked (Google: Free Icons) and saved it to the root of the USB drive as Notes.ico Last, I created the autorun.inf file.


action=Open AllMyNotes
label=Eric's Notes

Now, when I insert the USB drive I get this menu:

When I click on the top item, my Wiki opens up. Cool. has a collection of alternately styled TiddlyWikis.

It takes a little time to get used to how Wikis work, but once you get the hang of it, it is super easy to start building your own Wiki.

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